Aravaipa Canyon Ranch

Hiking Aravaipa Creek
Photo: Kit Grantham

Hiking Aravaipa Creek

Aravaipa Canyon is ranked among the great scenic wonders of Arizona..."

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Nestled at the foot of Brandenburg Mountain, Aravaipa Canyon Ranch invites you to a quiet getaway for reflection, healing and spiritual renewal. Miles of secluded, ever-changing terrain in the midst of natural, pristine beauty unfold to the accompaniment of the singing waters of Aravaipa Creek, one of Arizona's all-year-round streams.

The Ranch is available for self-directed retreats, meetings, family gatherings, weddings, and group activities. Guests are encouraged to create their own experiences. Our hope is that our guests will return home with a renewed sense of purpose, gratitude, compassion, peace and spiritual connection.

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or by phone: 1-520-357-6061


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The Ranch House

Aravaipa Natural Wonders

"The transformation that takes place in solitude manifests itself in compassion." -Henri Nouwen