Kind words



So grateful for your love, your dedication, and your vision! May God prosper your work!-Richard Rohr, 2005

Retreat isn't the same without the canyon! We had a wonderful time celebrating the Spring and the beauty of the season. Thank you again for providing the space.-Women's Spring Equinox Retreat March 2010

What a magical place to welcome a new decade! The nine of us are in awe, wonder and gratitude for the vision and hard work you have put into creating this special place. Thank you!-January 2010

A more perfect place for our family reunion could not have been found! We arrived tired and stressed, we leave reluctantly but refreshed and invigorated in mind, body and spirit.-Karl E. Parker October 2009

Thank you for opening your home and your heart to us. We had more fun than should be legal! We hope to be back soon and are already looking forward to a spring adventure!-Denise Icard, Crafty Camper Art Retreat, October 2008

It is indeed a healing place ...-Stephen Piche, Albuquerque, NM, 2005

Two days in solitude here, and the peace is palpable. Thank you, David and Joyce, for offering us this gateway into Magic - Aravaipa breathes dawn / Water Whispers / Home lies in / All directions.-Steven Forrest, Chapel Hill, NC, 2005

Three days Visionquest in the Aravaipa Canyon Mountains -- the best things can't be talked about - Thanks to Richard Rohr and Steven Piche for showing me this place ...-Michael Josef Egonter, Austria, 2005

The surrounding scenery is gorgeous! I painted some pictures of the cliffs and different colored grasses. Some deer walked across your front yard! The design and decor of the house is very tasteful and territorial ...-Connie Anzalone, Tucson, AZ 2005

the silver enchantment of timeless night without darkness / my eyes fell open and outside i gazed upon moonlit clearing / Palm tree standing still, then breezes blew / soft and subtly towards my windowsill / Am I awake? / If so, may all my dreams be as blissfilled as this.-Wild Women's Full Moon Retreat, 2005, 2nd Year

What pleasure to be hosted by two such joyous, smiley folks so in love with the Divine in everything ...-Linda Sherwood, Pam Nakai, Meg Keoppen, Herbal Retreat 2005

As a family we did things we would have never taken the time at home to do ... You made us feel at home in your home.-Mario Flores, 2005

Aravaipa Ranch ofered us a chance to enjoy and just talk to our adult children, to relax with no worries of tomorrow or yesterday, a time to take a deep breath and remember what is important.-Burke and Pabst families, 2005

This whole place is filled with God's Presence and it is so peaceful and relaxing. You both have done so much to make our stay perfect...-Michele Flores, 2005

You could've just let us in when we got here and gone about your business. But instead you called and checked on us everday, bringing us anything we needed. I was very impressed.-Ebersole Family Reunion, Phoenix, AZ 2005

It's the perfect place!-Margaret (Ebersole) and Cliff Schisler family, Paraguay, S.A.

It was hard for me to leave there. I looked at the mountains again and again and keep the images in my mind. They will be my first images when I wake up everyday.-Chunchieh Bruce Sun

Golden sun, carpets of blue lupine, red cliffs, clean, cool water over pebbles, nesting canyon wrens, and a great big milky bowl of stars at night.-Kathy Stewart, Barry Sweedler, 2004

Thank you for letting us have my 50th birthday here, and thanks for the salsa and peach jam.-Davis Family, Oracle, AZ 2004

The Tucson Group thanks you for offering the perfect setting for our 2004 Thanksgiving.

This is a fun place. I am having a lot of fun.-Girl Scout Troop 137, (Paige Rowley), 2004

You can look around and see a lot of beautiful trees and cool animals that aren't in Tucson. When I get older, I want to live somewhere like this.-Girl Scout Troop 137, Drew, Chloe and Becca, 2004

Words can't express the beauty of this Ranch ...-Bob and Romayne (Maggie), 2004

From our trip up Brandenberg Mountain, you can hear clearly all the sounds coming from the Ranch. What I heard clearly was laughter and lightness in every voice that travelled up the mountain ...-Dan, 2004

The house was very comfortable and clean, the firepit relaxing as well as the library and music selection ...-Kim, Steve, Kevin & Sylvia, 2004

What a beautiful place you're creating, in one of the Creator's more beautiful areas, to get in touch with one's soul. This place has magical qualities. And, there couldn't be more gracious and friendly hosts.-Bill and Joan, 2004

Hiking the canyon, stargazing, swimming in the creek, and being able to just spend time together out here has made this a wonderful weekend.-Marty & Dionne Thomas, 2004

Animals sighted: 3 Gila monsters, 1 blue heron, 1 Golden Eagle, 1 mountain lion, 1 rattlesnake, many fish, 4 bighorn sheep, 1 turtle, 15 coati (estimated), 1 unidentified mammal, and lots of trees, songbirds (vermillion flycatchers, scarlet tanagers, canyon wrens, goldfinches...Planets viewed: Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and a big Moon.-Tucson Shadowchasers, 2004